About this Fest

The LOVE 21 Foundation’s inaugural “Music + Arts Festival” is a celebration of ability.
By bringing together anyone with special needs, their families and caregivers through the medium of music and arts, LOVE 21 Foundation seeks to pay tribute to this special community. This amazing event aims to raise money for the meaningful work of the LOVE 21 Foundation while providing a truly awesome day out – with DJs, bands, karaoke, musicians, painting and crafts. This is poised to be a truly momentous event – the first of its kind in Hong Kong – and will be great fun for all those involved!


LOVE 21 Foundation is a charity dedicated to bettering the lives of those living with Down Syndrome and autism in Hong Kong, through physical activity and nutrition.
Currently, LOVE 21 Foundation runs a variety of sports and physical activity classes. We believe that so much can be achieved through a healthy diet and exercise. Currently, LOVE 21 Foundation supports some 50 families living with Down Syndrome and autism and we look forward to growing this number!